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Coming Soon: New Acuity Restaurant Software & Retail Software For Table Service, Bars, Delivery & Pizza,

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Welcome to Acuity POS Systems, Inc. ("Acuity") , your one-stop source for sales, service and installation of wired & wireless networks, internet connection, restaurant software, restaurant POS systems, kitchen display systems, retail software, retail POS systems, back office software & back office file servers, POS hardware products & accessories by a local Acuity POS systems dealer. Thank you for visiting our website, please please contact us if you have any questions.


Acuity offers world class POS (point of sale) and back office management software & hardware solutions for restaurant, hospitality and retail customers worldwide. Acuity restaurant software & retail software utilizes Windows 8 language conversion tools and provides fiscal localization to international customers. Acuity restaurant software & retail software targets any size customer, from a single POS station operation  to multi-store international franchise operations with thousands of POS stations. Acuity restaurant software & retail software have hundreds of features & analytics, offering scalability and performance needed to operate all types of restaurant, hospitality & retail store operations. Key features include: client/server local and/or central administration utilizing SAP/Sybase (SQL) database technologies, offline operation using local backup database in case of server or network failure, transparent data distribution and consolidation using internet / email and Acuity middleware, centralized corporate enterprise administration of prices & policy definitions for regions and branches, compatibility with any POS hardware using OPOS drivers support, sales & invoicing using mobile devices, support for wired & wireless networks, user design interface (screen size, colors, background, layout, images, text sizes, etc.), multiple barcodes per item, serial numbers, sell by weight, automatic purchase order creation, table service, bar service, delivery & pizza service, quick service with drive-thru support, kitchen display systems support, multi-level recipe & menu costing, visual table management, multi-course management, kitchen production management, reservation management, labor scheduling, real-time inventory control, vendor management & purchase control with hundreds of sales &, performance reports  & analytics to choose from. In addition, Acuity restaurant software & retail software is easy to setup, easy to maintain and easy to learn.


Acuity also offers optional restaurant software & retail software interfaces for accounting systems, cloud systems, bar pour systems, corporate enterprise systems, hotel front desk systems, delivery routing, media display systems, mobile ordering apps, wireless hand-held / mobile POS systems, restaurant website ordering systems, video surveillance systems, credit card processing systems, gift card processing and loyalty card processing systems. Additional Acuity software interface options will be added in later software releases based on Acuity customer & dealer requests.


POS systems, POS hardware products, accessories, sales, service & installation are available now from Acuity POS systems dealers or from Acuity's main company website at: New Acuity restaurant software & retail software will be available worldwide in January 1, 2015.


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Acuity Back Office File Servers

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Bar Code Scanners

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Caller ID Boxes

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Cash Drawers

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Customer Pole Displays

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Impact Receipt Printers for Kitchen/Bar

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Thermal Receipt Printers

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Counter Scales

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Video Surveillance Systems



New Acuity Restaurant Software, Retail Software

and Optional Software Interfaces Worldwide Release is Scheduled for January 1, 2015


Full Service Bar Software


Bar Software Preview



Cafeteria / Deli / Bakery Software


Catering Software Preview



Pizza / Delivery / Carry-Out Software


Pizza Delivery Software Preview


Quick Service / Fast Food / Fast Casual Software


Quick Service/ Drive-Thru Software Preview


Gift Shop / Retail / Grocery / Mobile POS Software


Retail Store Software Preview


Full Service Table / Bar Software


Table Service Software Preview


 Acuity back Office Interface


Back Office Management Software Preview



Acuity Accounting Systems Interface


Accounting Systems Interface



Acuity acuity-


Cloud Systems Interface



Acuity Bar Pour System Interface


Bar Pour Systems Interface



Acuity Corporate Enterprise Systems Interface


Corporate Enterprise Systems Interface



Acuity Hotelront Desk POS Interface


Hotel Front Desk POS Interface




MapPoint Delivery Routing Interface


Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System Interface


Media Display Systems Interface



Mobile Ordering Apps Interface



 Acuity Wireless Hand Held POS Systems Interface


Wireless Hand Held / Mobile POS  Interface



Acuity Restaurant Website Ordering Interface


Restaurant Website Ordering Interface



Acuity Video Surveillance Systems Interface


Video Surveillance Systems Interface




Acuity Card Processing Interface




Credit Card Processing Interface



 Acuity Gift Card Processing Interface


Gift Card Processing Interface


New Acuity Restaurant & Retail Software

Includes Hundreds of Features & Analytics, Worldwide Release is Scheduled for January 1, 2015!!!


Acuity Ordering Apps Interface


Loyalty Card Processing Interface



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In 2012 Acuity POS Systems, Inc. management team decided to invest in a multi-year project to design and program totally new restaurant & retail POS software systems for Windows 8 offering support for stationary POS workstations (pc's), mobile devices & cloud-based services. New Acuity restaurant & retail software is being developed using the newest Microsoft Visual Studio & SAP/Sybase database technologies and includes hundreds of new features for independent and chain restaurant operators in the restaurant, retail & hospitality industries worldwide.


When completed, Acuity will compete head-on with MICROS & other top-tier restaurant & retail software companies. Acuity will strive to design and provide the best restaurant software &  restaurant systems, retail software & retail systems, POS hardware products & accessories available using state of the art technology. Acuity markets its software, support & POS hardware products through a network of trained Acuity POS Systems Dealers worldwide.


As an Acuity customer or Dealer, you'll rest easy, knowing the Acuity software support center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you avoid any downtime.


New Acuity Restaurant Software & Retail Software Feature Summary


Many of the following features will be included in Acuity release version 1.01, other features will be added to subsequent release versions during 2015


  • Restaurant POS (point-of-sale) software for bars, catering, delivery & pizza, quick service & drive-thru, table service

  • Retail POS software for all types of retail store operation

  • Multi-credit card processor software

  • Gift cards and loyalty card processing & tools

  • POS tablet integration for tableside ordering and payments (with option to print or email receipts)

  • Mobile payment integration

  • User customization of screens, local languages, currencies, taxes, pricing, setup & reporting options

  • Customer displays for drive-thru or in-store

  • Support for mobile POS wireless receipt printers

  • Self-service capabilities using touch screen kiosks

  • Real-time inventory control software

  • Vendor management & purchase control software

  • Menu costing software

  • Recipe costing software

  • Employee time keeping & labor scheduling software

  • Sales analysis reports, graphs & analytics

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) - pay as you go option

  • Social media integration

  • Mobile apps for I-phone and Android

  • Online POS for web ordering and payment

  • General ledger with P & L statements

  • DVR video surveillance software & hardware

  • Liquor control interface using Berg standards

  • Hotel front desk interface using MICROS standards

  • Enterprise-wide/centralized access to POS data

  • Cloud hosted software & data options

  • Menu board LCD display

  • NFC (near field communication) for mobile payments, coupons & loyalty

  • See Additional Details


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